Spécialiste de la manutention simple et complexe.

Produits pharmaceutiques– Animaux Vivants - Produits Dangereux-Produits périssables.

Pétrole & Gaz

We've been shipping oil & gas cargo across oceans for decades, including:

  • Pipes
  • Rig parts
  • Drilling fluid, equipment and materials
  • Water, sand and chemicals

With a full arsenal of special equipment we are uniquely prepared to overcome any nonstandard challenge. 

  • Owners of Europe's only 52 tons high loader
  • Load maestros are experts in repositioning for maximum loading capacity. 
  • Tremendous experience in oversize, overweight and dangerous goods.
  • Highly qualified personnel across the supply chain, fully certified by ICAA to deal with DG
  • Advanced IT system means faster acceptance, handling & loading of DG shipments.
  • Lower deck compartments are class C certified, and can be used to load CAO shipments
  • Fast & creative solutions for complex shipments of dangerous goods.

Produits pharmaceutiques

LACHS is a state of the art facility featuring a temperature mapped and controlled warehouse and 16,000 square meters of space designed specifically to cater to pharmaceutical and health care products.


In addition, we host a highly technological environment featuring sensors both distributed throughout our warehouse on the shipments themselves and. This innovative wireless monitoring network provides real time condition reporting on temperature, humidity, shock, light, tilt and pressure, enabling proactive intervention. Our experts are alerted before temperature deviations occur.


Our unique infrastructure facilitates incredibly fast unloading and transport:


  • Incoming planes park right on the “waterline”, 10-30 meters from our warehouse. Shipment exposure to temperature and environmental deviations is therefore minimal.


  • Our automated roller system for ULD (“saco”) enables a full 747 payload to pass from tarmac through warehouse and onto trucks in less than 4 hours.


  • We offer super expedited customs clearing service, and top tier door-to-door pickup and drop-off services across Europe.


  • Our sophisticated trucking capabilities include reefer trailers with high insulation value (FRC certified), dual temperature trailers and GPS communication between driver and dispatch (for updated position and temperature data.)


  • LACHS was named and Qualified Envirotainer station.

Produits périssables

Perishable cargo is sensitive cargo. It’s not only temperature sensitive; it’s time sensitive, and the hours it takes to get to market ultimately translate to your profit margin. At LACHS, we understand the speed, control and efficiency required to get your perishable products from plane to truck and on to its final destination quickly.


Our state of the art temperature controlled warehouse caters to popular temperature ranges for your perishable products including:


  • -18C
  • 15-25C (CRT)
  • 2-8C


Unloading speed and efficiency are of paramount importance with perishable shipments. We offer incredibly fast unloading and transport, featuring an automated roller system for ULD. At LACHS, a full 747 payload of perishable goods pass from tarmac through our warehouse and onto trucks in less than 4 hours.


Since planes park directly on the “waterline”, access to our warehouse is immediate and minimizes exposure of temperature sensitive shipments to potential deviations of the tarmac.


We also offer super expedited customs broker services and our trucking services boast optimal transport conditions for sensitive goods.


Animaux vivants

At LACHS, your live animals are treated as our guests. As our passengers, they have the choice of first class, business class or coach, and are always handled with ultimate care and attention. We have both the infrastructure and expertise to ensure that your animals – from poultry to thoroughbred horses – arrive at your desired destination safely and comfortably.

We are Europe’s #1 ground handling service for horse transportation, specializing in dedicated charters as well as on our scheduled routes. We have tremendous experience in complex equine projects, including multiple charters of horses (For example in 2014 we transported 600 horses in just 2 weeks)! We also have the unique ability to setup a special infrastructure to handle a mass of horses on a tight timeline.  

At LACHS, we know that successful transportation of live animals as air cargo is based on controlling three environmental factors:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity level
  • C02 concentration

Each type of animal requires a unique and optimal environment to ensure their health and comfort in transport. We take animal health seriously and not only require animal physiology knowledge from our staff; in addition, we retain an on-call, local veterinarian for consultation.

Our temperature controlled warehouse was built with your animals in mind; we host specialized flooring for horses, collapsible horse stalls and both standard and custom built crates for smaller animals. Often, the horse groom or escort will fly along with the animal and becomes our partner in feeding and proactive care.

Planes park right on the “waterline” which is a mere 10-30 meters from our warehouse. This minimizes temperature and environmental deviations, limiting risk and maiming both efficiency and comfort. In case of a flight delay or reschedule, we have the space, knowledge and motivation to remove horses from their stalls and allow them space and freedom to stretch their legs.

In addition, we are able to load livestock indoors, effectively eliminating the risk of weather deviations causing illness or discomfort. We also have a state of the art quarantine, to ensure legal compliance.

For your live animal cargo, LACHS is their second home. They are welcome!



Cargo hors norme

Are you being told that your shipment is “too wide”, “too long” or “too heavy” to be transported internationally? Featuring a full arsenal of special equipment for large, heavy or oddly shaped cargo, LACHS is uniquely prepared to overcome your nonstandard challenges.


We have successfully shipped all sorts of nonstandard items and our trained loadmasters rise to the challenge every time. From whales to turbines, helicopters to yachts, electric poles to bus chassis and deluxe automobiles, LACHS is your preferred ground handler for nonstandard items.


Our specialized equipment and knowledge for nonstandard items includes:


  • Europe’s only 52 ton high loader
  • Double and triple connected pallets
  • Lateral connected pallets
  • Ramp vehicles
  • Open and closed dollies
  • Strict build up and loading procedures as defined by our ALM and GOP
  • Compliance with IATA AHM and Boeing loading manuals


We understand that your partner in transporting nonstandard items can’t rest once the shipment arrives in our warehouse. That’s why our trucking division arranges both special permits and escorts to ensure that your shipment arrives safely at its final destination.

An-124 // LACHS

Matières Dangereuses

Dangerous goods can be a dangerous game. LACHS recognizes and respects the potential risk involved, and is therefore an authorized, ICAA certified handling company for all nine classes of dangerous goods including:


  • Explosives
  • Gasses
  • Flammable liquids and solids
  • Oxidizing substances
  • Toxic and infectious substances
  • Radioactive material
  • Corrosives


Not only do we comply with IATA and ICAO guidelines and regulations within our warehouse, we go a step further for our clients. We specialize in safely transporting your dangerous goods shipment to its final destination including arranging special permits and escorts, and empowering our knowledgeable team of drivers to make safe decisions, every time.


For added security measures, we have a local expert dangerous goods response team available 24/7.


Safety is the name of the game in dangerous goods and the ideal recipe for safety is knowledge, preparedness and caution, in equal measure. At LACHS, we pride ourselves on a clean safety record and are constantly updating our expertise and procedures to reflect safety as our number one priority in dangerous goods transport.