Centrally located in Western Europe.

Only a 3 hour drive from Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Paris.

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Strategically located at the heart of Europe’s golden triangle (Paris – Amsterdam – Frankfurt) LACHS is conveniently situated at LGG airport in Liege, Belgium, with direct access to all the main economic centers of Europe.

Our ideal location empowers our customers to reach 70 million customers within 350km, and over 125 million customers within 500km. Virtually all of Europe can be reached by truck within one day.


Thanks to a comprehensive network of highways (E40, E25, E42, E313) Liege is exceptionally accessible. Belgium boasts an advanced 7-star shaped 250 km motorway system ensuring smooth transportation, and LACHS is ideally situated at the motorway exit. Road accessibility is maximized further due to our close proximity to Liege Logistics park, which hosts a bi-modal road and rail transport system.




The port of Liege is situated in the center of the large Rhin-Mosan basin, which hosts one of the most comprehensive navigation networks worldwide, and is directly linked to the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam. The Liege port authorities manage 26 different quays in and around Liege, and the local port system is proud to be the second largest European river port since 1999.




Europe’s unique all cargo airport, Liege is conveniently located less than an hour from Zaventem, Belgium’s national airport. Under the ownership of the CAL Group, LGG is a critical part of a larger international network with daily flights to and from both TLV and JFK.



Belgium’s national railway is one of the most comprehensive and modern in Europe. There are three main stations in Liege, boasting high speed trains destined for France 8 times daily, and Germany 10 times daily.


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