We pride ourselves on recruiting, retaining and promoting the best team in the business. Our staff is fully dedicated to fulfilling our vision on every level from the ground crews to the Directors. Please meet our management team!

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Yossi Shoukroun, LACHS CEO and CAL Group COO

Yossi has been an indispensible member of our team for over 11 years. His leadership and strategic direction is an integral part of our growth and continued success. Previously employed as Business Development Manager at Logisticare (Maman), Yossi has extensive experience in international cargo development, logistics and total supply management.

Yossi holds a degree in industrial engineering from Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Julien Henry, Finance Manager and Executive Member at LACHS

Julien is responsible for all financial and fiscal matters at LACHS. This includes budget management, forecasting needs, P&L analysis and reporting. Prior to his work at LACHS, Julien worked in the bank area in Brussels, followed by employment as Finance Manager for a steel company.
Julien holds a degree in Economics and Finance from the HEC Business School at the University of Liege.

Fabrizio Giancola, HR Manager

Fabrizio has been a part of the LACHS team since 1996, and today manages the HR, recruitment and social aspects of the LACHS team. He is the interface between the general manager, staff and unions and is responsible for the implementation of training policy, evaluations and the general well-being of the workers.

Fabrizio holds a degree in Accounting and is a certified Prevention Advisor (level 2).

Eric Van Nevel, Quality and Safety Manager

A certified prevention advisor and cool chain coordinator, Eric is responsible for the set up and daily management of the quality and safety systems at LACHS, including the annual ISO certification revalidation. In addition, Eric manages the set up and daily management of the GDP policy for Pharma products.

Previously Loadmaster and operations officer at LACHS, Eris has also been employed at Sabena (former Belgian airline).

Marc Diddens, Operations Manager

Since 2006 Marc has been the operations manager at LACHS, responsible for the daily management of all operational procedures and special projects.  Marc is also the Liaison between LACHS and the client as well as “Weight & Balance” trainer and ramp safety. 

Previously loadmaster and duty manager at LACHS, Marc had also been employed at BELGAVIA where for over 16 years he managed all levels of operations and ramp officer duties.  Marc has also worked as senior ramp supervisor at DHL and warehouse & logistics coordinator for Banksys.  Marc holds a graduate degree in Electro mechanics.

Angelo Capizzi, Duty Manager

Angelo has been working at LACHS since 1999, and has been promoted from export checker, team leader and ramp coordinator to supervisor, and he now holds the role of Duty Manager, where he handles the various operational aspects of LACHS.

Fadil Gjonaj, Duty Manager

Fadil has been working at LACHS since 1996. He has been promoted from Team Leader to Supervisor and finally a few years ago to Duty Manager where he handles several operational aspects of LACHS

Fabrice Paquay, Duty Manager

Duty Manager at LACHS, Fabrice has a "helicopter view" of LACHS, managing and often troubleshooting all operational and warehouse management issues. 

Fabrice has been a member of the LACHS team since 1999, previously employed as import/export supervisor, load controller and load master.

Fabrics holds a degree in import/export.

David Alexis, Duty Manager

As Duty Manager at LACHS, a position held since 2008, David deals with operational aspects such as monitoring, planning and team management on a day-to-day level.  Prior to this position, David held the role of Documentations and Operations employee at LACHS.

David holds a degree in Foreign Trade.

Sebastien Cheruy, Duty Manager

Sebastien is a duty manager at LACHS, a position he has held since 2014.  Previously a loadmaster at LACHS, Sebastian deals with monitoring, planning, team management and other operational aspects.

Sebastien has a degree in tourism and has completed Operations Officer Training.